When it’s time to build a bridge between projects that require financing and money looking for an investment, we’ll provide the legal counsel. We’re familiar with the perspectives of both sides, the investors and the companies looking for capital.

And in the field of project and company financing, we look back on many years of valuable experience. We support our clients in negotiating classic bank loans and collateral as well as in the involvement of private investment capital. There are many different ways to do that. Instead of granting entrepreneurial stakes, for example, participation rights, options bonds, silent partnerships, or simple shareholder loans can be the means of choice to involve investors in short- or long-term financing. In international financing it can be help to appoint security trustees. And for ongoing company financing, leasing technical facilities and using factoring can be sensible additions.

It’s important to make the right decisions early on. That means having competent legal counsel on board for the financing concept, contract design, and in general as a sparring partner. That’s exactly what we do.

We also have many years of experience in advising banks in making special, high-volume loans. For example, these might be non-recourse loans backed up by collateral that is somewhat out of the ordinary. Ordering collateral, storing it, transporting it across borders, insuring it, and utilizing it – as well as refinancing such deals – place unusual demands on contract design. We work with a strong network of international partners to master these challenges quickly and across vastly different jurisdictions.

It’s about your business. We’ll take care of the legal framework.

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