Ulrich Schellenberg

You become an attorney by being admitted to the bar. But becoming an attorney for enterprising people means venturing out again and again to take on the business challenges of our clients.

In business, winning a battle in court can only be seen as a last resort. Excellent business results are more important than being proved right. With that in mind, I help you to set the right course from the beginning by adding legal scope to your business perspectives, through long-term legal planning and by providing legal support or presence in investors’ meetings, negotiations or other meetings.

My work covers business and corporate law, property law and inheritance law. My goal is not to push paper, but to take decisions. And my motivation is the pleasure of working closely with good business people to find good business solutions.


Born in Stuttgart

Studied Law in Freiburg

Legal Clerkship in Berlin

Admission to the Bar

Appointed as Notary

Since 1995
Member of the Board of the German Bar Association

Chair of the Berlin Bar Association

Specialist Attorney for Inheritance Law

Specialist Attorney for Business and Corporate Law

President of the German Bar Association (DAV)

Business and Corporate Law Committee
Inheritance Law Committee of the German Bar Association
Judicial Mediation Advisor in Berlin
Board of Trustees of the DAV Foundation against
Right-Wing Extremism and Violence