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Notification according to Art. 34 para. 3 c) GDPR

As a precaution and in the interests of maximum transparency, we would like to inform you in accordance with Art. 34 para. 3 c) GDPR that our offices were compromised on 18 August 2019. It cannot be ruled out that third parties may have accessed personal data in a paper file. However, there is no indication that data has actually been spied on or has flowed out. There was no access to our EDP system. We have no reasons to believe that your rights might be affected. If you have any queries, you can contact our data protection officer at any time at

Litigating in English: Will Germany introduce Court Divisions for International Commercial Matters?

Before the German courts, German is the exclusive official language (Section 184 GVG). The popularity of Germany as a forum for international legal disputes suffers as a result. In certain cases, some courts allow the parties to dispense with the use of interpreters in oral proceedings and instead hold the hearing in English. Written pleadings, minutes of hearings and all court orders and decisions must, however, continue to be written in German. Annexes, especially contracts, must be made available to the court with a German translation.

Despite the high international reputation of German law and the German judiciary, foreign contracting parties therefore shy away from choosing German law for contracts and the jurisdiction of the German courts for eventual disputes. Significant commercial law disputes are therefore often conducted abroad or before arbitral tribunals. Small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany in particular are at a disadvantage because (more…)