In business, one of your most important assets are your inventions. Intellectual property law and competition law offer a most effective set of tools to ensure that this asset generates profit and faces down market competition through innovative products and services: Trademark rights, name registration, design and utility patents, patents and agreements for the protection of ideas and know-how.

When used competently and consistently, they prevent third parties from lining their pockets by using your ideas, concepts, products, designs, services, brands or names. A strong command of these instruments can also help you to avoid making unwise investments during the implementation phase by eliminating the possibility of encroachment on existing intellectual property rights from the very beginning.

Not only do we support you in the individual fields of intellectual property law, we are also available to counsel you throughout the entire process, from the initial idea to tapping into your full marketing potential:

We give legal advice on developing products, services and brands. We take care of trademark and design registration for you. We protect your intellectual property, file claims for injunction or damages if your rights have been infringed on, defend you against unjustified claims from competitors and draft the contracts you may need: research and development contracts, cooperation agreements and licensing agreements amongst others. And we don’t just provide legal knowledge and experience; we offer enterprising creativity. Because that’s our most important asset too.

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