Even when carrying out official duties as notaries, we still see ourselves as service providers. Three notaries and an entire team of qualified staff members ensure that your legal business is taken care of quickly, efficiently and without undue bureaucracy – from setting the appointment to the final transaction. We work closely with the land registry, courts and other public authorities to ensure your business is taken care of quickly. Our services are designed for the special needs of businesspeople and focus on three areas:

Property – we assist in contractual issues surrounding the purchase and sale of property, inheritable building rights, easements and constitution and release of security.

Business – we concentrate on the opening of businesses, changes in the constellation of investors, changes in the company structure or articles of association, the transfer of profits and control agreements.

Inheritance – we offer full notary services, including special expertise in corporate succession.

Our notary services never end with the official act. They continue until all the details of your legal transaction have been wrapped up. As different as the roles of a notary and an attorney may be, one thing stays the same: At Schellenberg Unternehmeranwälte, we are as active as our clients.

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