We advise companies and their executive officers with the aim of leading the company out of the crisis, be it in the context of ordinary insolvency proceedings, protective shield proceedings or through restructuring outside insolvency.

We advise managing directors and board members when it comes to avoiding liability risks in the course of a looming corporate crisis.

We advise creditors on agreeing payment plans and deferral with debtors at risk of insolvency to avoid the risk of rescission. In the event of debtor insolvency, we effectively assist creditors in the continuation or termination and winding up of contractual relationships with insolvency debtors and in asserting their claims after filing for insolvency in the insolvency opening proceedings and in the insolvency proceedings that have been opened.

We examine claims for rescission of the insolvency estate for restitution of payments and assets and ward off unjustified claims.

In doing so, we draw on our extensive experience from a large number of proceedings, including a number of large-scale proceedings.

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