The law provides for freedom of contract, but only the best agreements make full use of that freedom. We provide you with the security you need to make this freedom work for you by empowering you with creative ideas to channel this freedom in the most effective way possible: by drafting agreements designed to avoid conflict and thus increase your profit.

That requires foresight into the possible consequences of your options. Because creating good contracts now means avoiding legal battles later, you need awareness not only of your own interests, but also of the other party’s. If you clear up potential conflicts of interest ahead of time, you are less likely to disagree later. And if you do have a dispute, a look at your agreement will tell you what needs to be done.

We work with our clients to lay the foundation for good business by designing, examining and negotiating any form of contract on the basis of experience, legal knowledge and linguistic precision.

After reaching a clear definition of your targets, we identify potential conflicts, develop strategies to avoid them, and make any necessary adjustments to your agreement. If advisable, we consult tax experts or other experienced professionals. And we put to use the extensive knowledge of common business practices we have gained in developing highly complex agreements for a wide variety of sectors, including purchasing and sales, automotive, construction and international trade.

For everyday operations and common transactions, we provide our clients with model contracts, draft and examine general terms and conditions, provide training and work with our clients to develop comprehensive contract guidelines and company regulations.

And we stand by your side with the same level of intelligent creativity after the contract has been signed as well. Because implementing good agreements creates room for manoeuvre. And as advocates for your enterprise, we use it.

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