Maciej Snuszka

Enhancing a company’s economic success should be the primary target of its legal counsel.

That is why it is important for me to understand my clients’ businesses and targets as precisely as possible. My aim is to find perfectly tailored solutions. But because the best solution is not always just outside the front door, I also support my clients in searching for targeted development opportunities in other countries. My focus is on transnational business between Germany and Poland.

Sometimes the road to the best solution can also lead to the courts. That requires a vehement safeguarding of interests and culture of debate. That is the standard by which I want to be measured.


Born in Poznań (Poland)

Studied Law at Humboldt-Universität Berlin and the University of Breslau

Legal Clerkship at the Superior Court of Justice (Berlin, Warsaw)

Admission to the Bar in Germany

Admission to the Bar in Poland

Successfully completed the courses to become certified Specialist Attorney for Tax Law, Commercial and Corporate Law and Employment Law


Appointed as Notary

Member of the German Bar Association
Member of the German Bar Association Poland
German Polish Lawyers’ Association