Schellenberg Unternehmeranwälte hosts first Advoc Real Estate Conference in Berlin

The Berlin Conference on March 29 & 30, 2015 brought together banking and financial experts, real estate developers, fund managers, real estate advisors and legal experts from more than ten of the major European real estate markets.

“Prime yields are likely to further compress but we expect the market to be in and around the 2014 total investment in 2015 however there is some upside risk”

says Robert Stassen, Head of European Capital Markets Research of JLL. Andreas Beckmann from Activum SG pointed out the benefits of opportunistic investments in this market environment, requiring a high degree of flexibility and momentum but offering extra yields.

Funk Group and Paragon Brokers explained how R&W insurance can help sellers achieving a “clean exit” and an early distribution of sales proceeds to the investors.

From the financing side Markus Kreuter, Director Commercial Real Estate of Deutsche Bank, gave valuable insight in the credit process, key decision drivers and risk factors investors should keep in mind.

“The Conference was a great success”

says Jerome O’Sullivan, Partner of J.W. O’Donovan. Schellenberg Unternehmeranwälte wishes to thank all Advoc members for their contributions to the conference.

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